5 Star Foam multi-surface foaming cleaner
5 Star Foam multi-surface foaming cleaner $15.49
MULTI-SURFACE INTERIOR / EXTERIOR SPRAY AND WIPE FOAMING CLEANER 5 Star Foam™ rates as the absolute finest foaming cleaner in the industry! 5 Star Foam is for use on interior smudge marks, nicotine stains, oily fingerprints and food stains. On aircraft exteriors, 5 Star Foam will effectively clean carbon exhaust, oil and bugs. It can also be used on vinyl, leatherette, plastic, sinks, enameled, varnished and similar surfaces. 5 Star Foam was designed specially for hard to remove grease and soil unaffected by other cleaners. Its clinging foam permits long-lasting contact with irregular, as well as plain, surfaces to be cleaned. Its high pressure spray enables it to reach hard-to-get-to trouble spots. Meets or exceeds the scope and performance requirements of MIL-C-878937 Type II Passes ASTM-F-484 Type A Stress Crazing Of Acrylic PlasticSuitable for use on BOEING LEXAN 9600 and GE-MR5 LEXANPasses ASTM F502, Standard Test Method for Effects of Cleaning and Chemical Maintenance Materials on Painted Aircraft Surfaces RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON: Aircraft and boat exteriors Tile Sinks Tubs Stainless Steel Vinyl Plastic Surfaces
A-Plex plexiglass cleaner
A-Plex plexiglass cleaner $16.49
ANTI-STATIC PLEXIGLAS CLEANER, PROTECTANT AND POLISH A-Plex™ is an anti-static aircraft and marine Plexiglas cleaner, protectant and polish. Also excellent for use on motorcycle windscreens. A-Plex produces a microscopic, high luster, soil retarding and water repellent finish to aircraft and marine plexiglass – leaving a surface that is lustrous. A-Plex dries with no smears, no smudges and no oily residue. Can be applied in seconds. Specifications Meets or exceeds the scope and performance requirements of MIL-C-878937 Type II Passes ASTM-F-484 Type A (stress crazing of acrylic plastic) Suitable for use on BOEING LEXAN 9600 and GE-MR5 LEXAN Passes ASTM F502, Standard Test Method for Effects of Cleaning and Chemical Maintenance Materials on Painted Aircraft Surfaces
Aero-Glide cleaner polish
Aero-Glide cleaner polish from $24.99
ONE-STEP DRY WASH, POLISH & FRICTION REDUCER Aero-Glide™ waterless dry wash is specially formulated with a blend of deep cleaners and light oxidation removers to provide a true one-step cleaning, detailing and polishing solution that leaves a high gloss protective finish on aircraft and other vehicles. Aero-Glide's hard protective coating reduces surface friction and adhesion of exhaust stains. Easy on, easy off No water necessary No need to pre-clean vehicle prior to use Removes light surface oxidation on most finishes Provides mid-term (approximately 3-4 month) protection against UV, exhaust soot and other grime Meets Commercial Aviation Certifications ASTM F484-008 (2013)ASTM F519-13AMS 1650CASTM F502-08 (2013)BOEING D6-17487 Rev. P | Tech Sheet |
ALuma Brite Heavy Duty aluminum cleaner
ALuma Brite Heavy Duty aluminum cleaner from $27.49
ALUMINUM CLEANER, BRIGHTENER AND OXIDATION REMOVER   ALuma Brite™ Heavy Duty is a special formulation of surface cleaners and acids designed to restore aluminum to a bright, clean appearance. Features Removes oxidation to restore a bright, clean aluminum finish Controlled rate of etching helps prevent streaking when working with large aluminum surfaces Industrial strength version Easily removes concrete, exhaust soot and road film High foaming / clean rinsing formula. Start with oxidized aluminum. Step One: Dilute with water and apply ALuma Brite Heavy Duty from bottom to top with a brush.  Step Two: Rinse thoroughly. Step Three: Admire a beautiful boat! Tech Sheet | SDS
Asphalt Release
Asphalt Release from $2,193.95
Asphalt Release agent prevents asphalt from sticking to beds of asphalt trucks and other equipment. | SDS |
Asphalt Remover
Asphalt Remover from $42.49
THE ECONOMICAL AND SAFE WAY TO REMOVE ASPHALT AND TAR Asphalt Remover is a bio-based formula made using natural plant oils to create a product that offers all the cleaning power you need without resorting to the harsh, environmentally hazardous chemicals used by most commercial tar and asphalt removers. Features Bio-based Nonhazardous Contains no chlorinated or hydrocarbon-based solvents Environmentally responsible and biodegradable Nonflammable (flash point more than 250° F) Can be diluted up to 5:1 with water (one part Asphalt Remover to five parts water) to clean lighter accumulations of asphalt and tar. Tech Sheet | SDS
Asphalt Remover Citrus
Asphalt Remover Citrus from $99.49
FAST-ACTING, ENVIRONMENTALLY- AND EQUIPMENT-SAFE WAY TO CLEAN ASPHALT AND TAR Asphalt Remover Citrus is a bio-based formula made from natural plant oils to create a product that offers all the cleaning power you need without resorting to the harsh, environmentally hazardous chemicals used by most commercial tar and asphalt removers. Asphalt Remover Citrus is similar to regular Asphalt Remover, except that it contains a higher concentration of citrus additives for faster cleaning and is up to even the most difficult cleaning challenges, including thicker accumulations of tar and asphalt. Features Bio-based Nonhazardous Contains no chlorinated or hydrocarbon-based solvents Environmentally responsible and biodegradable Nonflammable (flash point more than 250° F) Can be diluted up to 5:1 with water (one part Asphalt Remover Citrus to five parts water) to clean lighter accumulations of asphalt and tar | SDS |
BarnacleX scale and marine growth dissolver
BarnacleX scale and marine growth dissolver from $41.99
BARNACLEX is the only biofouling dissolver / remover whose chemistry targets the complete range of issues associated with both fouling organisms and the dissolved minerals contained in fresh, brackish and seawater. BARNACLE-X not only dissolves calcium- and silicone dioxide-based shells and exoskeletons, it also breaks down mineral accumulations and the bio-adhesives secreted by barnacles, mussels and limpets, so that those organisms can be more quickly and easily removed from vessel hulls and running gear.  For use on both freshwater and saltwater systems and hulls Dissolves the calcium and silicone dioxide shells and exoskeletons of macrofouling organisms such as barnacles, mussels, limpets and coral, as well as microfouling organisms such as bacteria and algae that accumulate on heat exchanger surfaces. Contains the natural release agent for the bio-adhesives secreted by barnacles and mussels. Reduces corrosion caused by restricted flow, the anodic condition created by decreased oxygen below the fouling layer, and the metabolic by-products of bacteria. Safe on bronze, copper, gelcoat and marine paints when used as directed THE ONLY BARNACLE BUSTER PRODUCT WITH TRI-ACTION The Best Value: Dilutes up to 5:1 with water Dissolves calcium- and silicone-based shells and exoskeletons Targets the bio-adhesives that barnacles and mussels useto attach Dissolves algae, coralline and mineral scale TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Cleaning heat exchangers on water-cooled engines Cleaning heat exchangers on marine air conditioners Clearing restricted pipework and valves Removing macrofouling (ex: barnacles, mussels and limpets) and other hard fouling from boat and ship hulls and running gear Tech Sheet | Safety Data Sheet
Barrier Shield concrete repellent coating
Barrier Shield concrete repellent coating from $41.99
REPELS CONCRETE, MORTAR, GROUT, GUNITE & PAINT Barrier Shield™ is a coating designed to repel concrete, mortar, grout, gunite, paint, road and industrial grime from concrete trucks and other roadworking equipment. Barrier Shield attaches electrostatically to both painted and unpainted surfaces. Dilutable with water (usually 2 parts water to 1 part product), Barrier Shield is economical to use, and one application lasts for an entire day. Features Saves hours of cleanup time Helps protect vehicle finishes Quick, easy and economical One application lasts for an entire day Nonhazardous
Bio Slide concrete form release
Bio Slide concrete form release from $47.49
READY-TO-USE CONCRETE REPELLENT COATING AND FORM RELEASE BIO SLIDE™ is our premium quality concrete repellent coating to prevent concrete from adhering to ready mix trucks and roadworking equipment. BIO SLIDE also facilitates easy removal of concrete structures from concrete forms – minimizing voids, bug holes and build-up. Designed to be applied with a single thin coat, BIO SLIDE is non-staining, reduces waste and increases productivity. Features Advanced formula Easy application Non-staining; will not stain or discolor No unpleasant odor Will NEVER clog spray equipment Does not wash off with water Helps ensure the highest quality architectural concrete and decorative concrete finishes by minimizing voids and bug holes Great for concrete ready mix trucks, pumpers, screeds and other paving equipment to prevent adherence and build-up of concrete. | Tech Sheet |
Boat Bath wash and shine boat soap
Boat Bath wash and shine boat soap from $19.99
SUPER-CONCENTRATED, pH NEUTRAL BOAT WASH & SHINE SHAMPOO Boat Bath is a super-concentrated cleaner designed to provide superior detergency while at the same time being extremely gentle on all boat and yacht finishes. Boat Bath contains special rinsing agents that enhance shine and help eliminate streaking. Features Specially formulated to gently clean all types of flying, rolling and floating stock Neutral pH cleaner that is ideal for everyday use Safe to use on exotic materials such as plexiglass, carbon fiber, etc. Creates a luxuriant, sudsy foam to break up grease, grime and gently lift away dirt More shine with less streaks Environmentally preferable non-butyl product containing biodegradable surfactants and zero VOCs The perfect everyday wash for vehicles of all sorts, including cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and airplanes The ideal cleaning compliment for boats protected with RejeX®, Xtreme Finish™ or Aero-Glide™. For heavier soils and degreasing, or for removing diesel soot from transoms and exhaust stacks, use Corrosion Technologies' Xtreme Clean™.
Boot Klean
Boot Klean from $34.99
PNEUMATIC DE-ICING BOOT CLEANER Boot Klean™ is a highly sophisticated addition to Corrosion Technologies' Aviation line of aircraft maintenance and detailing products. Boot Klean cleans rubber de-ice boots and removes old sealants quickly and easily. Simply apply the product with a scrub sponge, allow the product to penetrate for 2-3 minutes, agitate with the scrub sponge and rinse. Once cleaned, the boots will be flat black. Follow up cleaning your boots with a treatment of Corrosion Technologies' Boot Sealant for a long-lasting, glossy finish that protects your de-icing from fading.
Boot Sealant
Boot Sealant $59.95
PNEUMATIC DE-ICING BOOT SEALANT, UV AND WEAR PROTECTANT Boot Sealant is Step 2 in maintaining and properly protecting the surface of pneumatic de-icing boots. Corrosion Technologies Boot Sealant prevents drying and cracking by sealing and protecting de-ice boots from harmful UV rays. Simply apply Boot Sealant to your de-icing boots with a soft cloth, and when dry, Boot Sealant stays slick and shiny for months! To prepare your de-ice boots for a treatment of Boot Sealant, it is important to first clean them and remove old, residual sealant by using Corrosion Technologies' Boot Klean™.
Bore Cleaner
Bore Cleaner from $4.99
GET A CLEANER WEAPON WITH FEWER HEADACHES Corrosion Technologies Bore Cleaner safely and efficiently removes every component of multi-layered bore buildup, including hydrocarbon resins, dust and dirt, salts, minerals, carbon and soft metal fouling.  Bring pistol, shotgun and rifle (even black powder rifle) actions, bores and barrels back to mirror brightness with less picking, scraping and scrubbing. Although Bore Cleaner is aggressive on gunk and fouling, it is completely safe on polymers, varnishes, soft metals, and metal alloys, bluing, anodizing and all other known gun finishes. Odorless and crystal clear, so you can easily see fouling and contaminants on the patch to know when your firearm is perfectly clean. 
CorrosionX from $9.99
KILLS RUST AND CORROSION WORLD'S GREATEST LUBRICANT, PENETRANT & ANTI-SEIZE SAFE ON ELECTRONICS CorrosionX® is the most advanced and effective corrosion prevention compound, lubricant and penetrant in the world! Although it may look similar to other oil-based anti-corrosion sprays, CorrosionX utilizes revolutionary Polar Bonding™ and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC™) technologies that together do far more than merely slow down the corrosion process like those so-called 'corrosion inhibitors'. CorrosionX actually disrupts rust and corrosion on the molecular level (displacing it from the metal surface and keeping it from spreading), and provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion on any metal surface. CorrosionX is the only product readily available to the public that meets the U.S. Navy's tough new corrosion prevention and control performance requirement MIL-PRF-81309H. Due to Polar Bonding, CorrosionX causes common metals and metal alloys such as iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, etc. to chemically behave more like noble metals such as gold and platinum, which are highly resistant to oxidation. CorrosionX also has a dielectric characteristic, so not only is it safe on electronics, CorrosionX shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals. Use CorrosionX wherever you want corrosion control without paint or wax coatings. A light spray of CorrosionX on power heads, gensets and engines a couple of times a year will keeping them looking like new – even in saltwater and coastal environments. A Breakthrough Lubricant CorrosionX's unique formulation offers a multitude of advantages over conventional spray lubricants. Because it sticks to metal like a magnet, it cannot be easily displaced by pressure, friction or moisture. It lubricates under extreme loads and high temperatures. Not only does CorrosionX lubricate better, it lasts many times longer! This is especially true in outdoor, coastal and marine environments where direct exposure to rain and sea spray will quickly displace ordinary lubricants. Use CorrosionX on sheaves, hinges, locks, cable/wire rope, windlasses or any metal part needing lubrication. An Unbeatable Penetrant CorrosionX penetrates faster and further than any penetrating fluid you've ever used! Corroded or rusted nuts, bolts or fittings can usually be disassembled within minutes. Even items you believe to be hopelessly seized can usually be saved and returned to service. Safe On Electronics Water and electronics don't mix. Until now, there haven't been many options for protecting or restoring electronics from moisture intrusion. CorrosionX's unique Polar Bonding Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) technology displaces moisture and seals it out with a self-healing high dielectric coating. Even though CorrosionX has a dielectric property in excess of 39,000 volts, because it forms an ultra-thin film it does not interfere with electronics or heat dissipation. A must for all marine battery terminals, and a mission critical product for drones and all Remote Control hobbyists. Minimal Environmental Impact Product The volatile organic content (usually abbreviated as VOC or VOCs) of CorrosionX is now ZERO. Compare that to most products in the spray lubricant category, which can be 50% or more VOC (for example, according to their current Safety Data Sheet, WD-40 is 49.5% solvent). That means CorrosionX is gentler on you, your equipment and the environment. National Stock Numbers CorrosionX 6 oz aerosol NSN 8030-01-437-5222 CorrosionX 16 oz aerosol NSN 8030-01-437-5227 CorrosionX 16 fl oz trigger spray NSN 8030-01-437-5687 CorrosionX 1 gallon NSN 8030-01-437-5224 CorrosionX 5 gallon NSN 8030-01-437-5233 CorrosionX 30 gallon NSN 8030-01-437-4114 CorrosionX 55 gallon NSN 8030-01-438-4112 Trigger Spray Spray Pattern (stream only) Learn More | Brochure | Product Data Sheet

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