• Fluid Thin Film is ideal for misting / fogging into interior spaces such as door wells, engine compartment and behind trunk liners – creeps into seams, climbs bolts and coats metal surfaces to lubricate and prevent corrosion for years with just a single application
  • CorrosionX bonds to metals on the molecular level, changing the chemistry so it won’t oxidize
  • Safe on electronics and electrical components – cleans battery terminals and electrical connections often improving connectivity while preventing corrosion

CorrosionX Extended Duty

  • Medium film version of CorrosionX for longer term protection and water washout resistance to withstand direct splash and spray 
  • Unlike tar-based coatings, CorrosionX’s self-healing, transparent film is easy to apply, easy to inspect and corrosion can’t grow unseen under the coating

CorrosionX Heavy Duty

  • Thick film version of CorrosionX with extreme water washout resistance to withstand direct splash and spray for all-season-long protection of underbody and suspension components

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