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Xhaust & Soot Remover
1 gallon 5 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon
    1 gallon 5 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon



      Xhaust & Soot Remover™ is a powerful, concentrated, multipurpose aircraft cleaner / degreaser specifically formulated to clean the toughest exhaust soot, belly grime and bug splats – all while being gentle on all aircraft surfaces.

      • Super-concentrated
      • Economical
      • Water soluble and contains biodegradable surfactants
      • Nonflammable
      • Will not harm rubber, plastic or metal
      • Safe on all aircraft exterior surfaces.

      Great For:

      • Cleaning stubborn exhaust track soot
      • Removing grease, grime and brake dust from landing gear
      • Dissolves bugs from leading edges
      Pro Wash RX
      1/2 gallon 1 gallon 5 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon
        1/2 gallon 1 gallon 5 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon


          Pro Wash RX™ is a super-concentrated cleaner designed to provide superior detergency while at the same time being extremely gentle on all vehicle finishes. PRO WASH RX contains special rinsing agents that enhance shine and help eliminate streaking.

          • Specially formulated to gently clean all types of flying, rolling and floating stock
          • Neutral pH cleaner that is ideal for everyday use
          • Safe to use on exotic materials such as plexiglass, carbon fiber, etc.
          • Creates a luxuriant, sudsy foam to break up grease, grime and gently lift away dirt
          • More shine with less streaks
          • Environmentally preferable non-butyl product containing biodegradable surfactants and zero VOCs
          • The perfect everyday wash for vehicles of all sorts, including cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and airplanes
          • The ideal cleaning compliment for vehicles protected with RejeX, Xtreme Finish or Aero-Glide.
          For heavier soils and degreasing, or for removing carbon stains from aircraft, use Corrosion Technologies Xhaust & Soot Remover™ a super-concentrated pH balanced, premium shine enhancing soap designed to provide superior detergency while at the same time being extremely gentle on all vehicle finishes.
          Mr. Detail spray quick detail spray
          16 fl oz trigger spray 32 fl oz trigger spray 1 gallon 5 gallon
            16 fl oz trigger spray 32 fl oz trigger spray 1 gallon 5 gallon


              Mr. Detail™ returns aircraft, boats, cars, RVs and motorcycles to that 'just detailed' look between regular washing and waxing (or RejeX-ing). Quickly and easily removes dust, road film, fingerprints, streaks and water spots safely from most vehicle surfaces. Cleans and shines all hard surfaces – just like magic!

              • High lubricity formula picks up dirt and dust without scratching
              • Removes harmful contaminants such as exhaust, bug splats and bird droppings
              • Enhances shine
              • Clean your whole vehicle in the time it would take to drag out the garden hose, bucket and car wash soap
              Aero-Glide cleaner polish
              16 fl oz 1 gallon 5 gallon
                16 fl oz 1 gallon 5 gallon


                  Aero-Glide™ waterless dry wash is specially formulated with a blend of deep cleaners and light oxidation removers to provide a true one-step cleaning, detailing and polishing solution that leaves a high gloss protective finish on aircraft and other vehicles. Aero-Glide's hard protective coating reduces surface friction and adhesion of exhaust stains.

                • Easy on, easy off
                • No water necessary
                • No need to pre-clean vehicle prior to use
                • Removes light surface oxidation on most finishes
                • Provides mid-term (approximately 3-4 month) protection against UV, exhaust soot and other grime
                • Meets Commercial Aviation Certifications

                  ASTM F484-008 (2013)
                  ASTM F519-13
                  AMS 1650C
                  ASTM F502-08 (2013)
                  BOEING D6-17487 Rev. P

                  Tech Sheet |



                  5 Star Foam™ rates as the absolute finest foaming cleaner in the industry! 5 Star Foam is for use on interior smudge marks, nicotine stains, oily fingerprints and food stains. On aircraft exteriors, 5 Star Foam will effectively clean carbon exhaust, oil and bugs. It can also be used on vinyl, leatherette, plastic, sinks, enameled, varnished and similar surfaces. 5 Star Foam was designed specially for hard to remove grease and soil unaffected by other cleaners. Its clinging foam permits long-lasting contact with irregular, as well as plain, surfaces to be cleaned. Its high pressure spray enables it to reach hard-to-get-to trouble spots.

                  Meets or exceeds the scope and performance requirements of MIL-C-878937 Type II
                  Passes ASTM-F-484 Type A Stress Crazing Of Acrylic Plastic
                  Suitable for use on BOEING LEXAN 9600 and GE-MR5 LEXAN
                  Passes ASTM F502, Standard Test Method for Effects of Cleaning and Chemical Maintenance Materials on Painted Aircraft Surfaces

                  RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON:

                  • Aircraft and boat exteriors
                  • Tile
                  • Sinks
                  • Tubs
                  • Stainless Steel
                  • Vinyl
                  • Plastic Surfaces
                  N'Viro Solve cleaner / degreaser
                  16 fl oz trigger spray 1 gallon 5 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon
                    16 fl oz trigger spray 1 gallon 5 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon


                      N'viro Solve™ is a bio-based organic cleaner made from various plant and fruit derivatives. This naturally occurring degreaser removes baked-on oil deposits, as well as heavy grease, from painted or unpainted surfaces. N'viro Solve will take the place of volatile solvent cleaners sometimes used for this purpose. Also acts as a terrific, industrial strength adhesive remover! N'viro Solve is totally biodegradable when rinsed with water.

                      • Dissolves oily buildup that other types of degreasers can't touch
                      • Environmentally responsible and biodegradable
                      • Nonflammable (flash point over 250° F)
                      Boot Klean
                      32 fl oz 5 gallon
                        32 fl oz 5 gallon

                          PNEUMATIC DE-ICING BOOT CLEANER

                          Boot Klean™ is a highly sophisticated addition to Corrosion Technologies' Aviation line of aircraft maintenance and detailing products. Boot Klean cleans rubber de-ice boots and removes old sealants quickly and easily. Simply apply the product with a scrub sponge, allow the product to penetrate for 2-3 minutes, agitate with the scrub sponge and rinse. Once cleaned, the boots will be flat black.

                          Follow up cleaning your boots with a treatment of Corrosion Technologies' Boot Sealant for a long-lasting, glossy finish that protects your de-icing from fading.


                          CARPET SPOT AND STAIN REMOVER

                          5 Star Stain Remover™ was formulated to be a powerful, easy-to-use carpet and cloth stain remover. It's the quick and easy solution for removing grease, oil and ground-in dirt.

                          • May be used on most types of carpet
                          • Excellent for pre-treating stains prior to carpet shampooing
                          • Add to your existing carpet shampoo to boost cleaning power
                          • Contains biodegradable surfactants
                          • Will not harm plastic

                            RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON:

                            • Car and truck carpet
                            • Commercial carpet cleaning
                            • Pretreating high traffic area soils
                            • Removing grease and oil spots
                            • Tough stains like red wine and cofee


                            MULTI-FABRIC FOAMING CLEANER

                            Velour and Leather Upholstery Cleaner cleans and removes lipstick, dirt, grease, hand prints, pencil marks and grime from most leather, velour, vinyl, plastic and canvas materials. The thick foam clings to all vertical surfaces, while the foaming action penetrates deep to all kinds of dirt, grease and grime. Recommended for use on most fabrics, including:

                            • Velour
                            • Leather
                            • Plastic
                            • Vinyl
                            • Canvas
                            General Carbon-Off non-butyl cleaner and degreaser
                            1 gallon 5 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon
                              1 gallon 5 gallon 20 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon

                                MEETS BOEING D6-17487 REVISION R

                                The commander-in-chief of aircraft surfaces cleaners, General Carbon-Off™ leads the war on exhaust soot, belly grime and bug splats! Let General Carbon-Off send those nasty V.O.C.s and butyl cleaners into exile – never to be seen again! And guess what comrade, General Carbon Off is completely water-soluble and is nonflammable! It will not harm most painted surfaces, decals, rubber, insulation, plastics or wiring.


                                • Powerful non-butyl degreaser
                                • Breaks up and removes tough exhaust stains
                                • Great for general-purpose cleaning
                                • Low VOC formula saves hours of cleanup time
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