Ground Glue Dust & Gravel
Ground Glue Dust & Gravel from $21.99
NOTE: For extremely dry climates (when humidity is less than 15%) and/or when the surface is fine dust powder more than 1" deep, please use our Ground Glue® Soil Stabilizer product instead.   SUPER-CONCENTRATED, LONG-LASTING DUST SUPPRESSANT Ground Glue® Dust & Gravel is a long-lasting dust control and stabilization (i.e increasing the weight bearing capabilities, reducing erosion, etc.) product for rock and gravel paths, drives and roads. The most economical product in the Ground Glue lineup, Ground Glue Dust & Gravel is a high-grade, hydroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and then absorbs it into the road surface. Once in the road, Ground Glue Dust & Gravel resists evaporation, encumbers dust, binds dirt together and stabilizes gravel – all while reducing maintenance and watering costs. Ground Glue Dust & Gravel “glues” fine dust and aggregates to keep surfaces stable and dust-free. Effective on most soil and gravel types. Features Immediate impact: Begins controlling dust now Surface treatment – no mixing with soil or compaction required Concentrated – dilutes with water up 10X Contains no asphalt or hydrocarbons; environmentally preferred Economical and long-lasting; effectiveness increases over time Ideal for gravel road maintenance – fixes fines into the base to form a foundation for the gravel Contains anti-scale and corrosion inhibitor additives Will not harm application equipment Self-cleaning formula – just rinse to leave application equipment clean | Application Guide | Don't know how much you need? Try our Dust & Gravel Application Calculator. Coverage for Dust Suppression 5 gallon jug 55 gallon drum 275 gallon tote Short Term (1-2 weeks) 60,000 sq. ft 660,000 sq. ft 3,180,000 sq. ft 3 months (seasonal) 30,000 sq. ft 330,000 sq. ft 1,590,000 sq. ft 6 months (biannual) 15,000 sq. ft 165,000 sq. ft 795,000 sq. ft Up to 1 year 7,500 sq. ft 82,500 sq. ft 397,500 sq. ft
Ground Glue Soil Stabilizer
Ground Glue Soil Stabilizer from $99.95
CONCENTRATED SOIL STABILIZER Ground Glue® Soil Stabilizer is an economical, long-lasting soil stabilizer and dust suppressant that assists in compaction of soil, prevention of erosion, and virtually eliminating dust – all while minimizing maintenance and watering costs. Effective on most soil types, Ground Glue Soil Stabilizer binds dirt together while sealing the pores of substrates to greatly increase its bearing capacity and its ability to resist both chemical and natural erosion. Ground Glue Soil Stabilizer should also be used for dust suppression in extremely dry (humidity less than 15%) environments and/or when the ground is topped with powdery dust 1" or more deep. For normal soil types and for most gravel drives, choose our Ground Glue™ Dust and Gravel product. Not for use on decomposed granite (DG). Ground Glue Soil Stabilizer is also available by the tanker load (approx. 4,700 gal.), and includes professional application on your site. Please call 1-800-638-7361 for pricing and scheduling. Features Environmentally friendly & biodegradable Economical & long-lasting (with proper preparation, one application will last for years) Concentrated Assists in compaction Works on all soil types except sand and clay (Call us for those soil types) | Tech Sheet |

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