CorrosionX for Guns

Corrosion Technologies manufactures the most advanced and effective firearm cleaning and maintenance products on the market today. 

As an example, CorrosionX® provides 3X the anti-wear produced of Mil Spec CLPs and nearly 2X the load carrying capacity. Plus, in every objective measure, CorrosionX products provide more corrosion protection than any other firearm lubricant. That's why we call it the 'Ultimate CLP'.

And now, Corrosion Technologies Bore Cleaner is available to the civilian market. Get powerful bore cleaning capacity with no smell. 

CorrosionX Ultimate Cleaner Lubricant Protectant CLP


Products for shooting sports

Ultimate CLP CorrosionX is the ultimate cleaner, lubricant and protectant for firearms of all kinds – now in packaging just for shooting sports!

Bore Cleaner mil spec quality gun bore cleaner and powder solvent

CorrosionX Original red label lubricates, penetrates, prevents corrosion and cleans powder fouling on the molecular label

CorrosionX Extended Duty (XD) Medium build corrosion preventive coating

CorrosionX Heavy Duty (HD) corrosion preventive coating

CorrosionX Grease a high-specification, high load bearing grease

Factory pickup available

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Made in the USA

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