CorrosionX Heavy Duty



12 oz aerosol 1 gallon 5 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon

CorrosionX Heavy Duty



12 oz aerosol 1 gallon 5 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon


CorrosionX® Heavy Duty (also widely known as CorrosionX HD) is a high performance thickened-film version of CorrosionX®. It was developed specifically to provide maximum protection against moisture intrusion and the resulting rust and corrosion.

CorrosionX Heavy Duty is dripless and resists displacement or removal by splash, rain, seawater or even pressure washing. It is ideal for long-term protection against serious rust and corrosion assault and in situations where the surface being protected is exposed directly to the elements. Unlike wax-based corrosion inhibitor barrier coatings, CorrosionX HD will not dry, harden or crack. The coating is self-healing and will slowly penetrate existing rust and corrosion, displacing moisture and corrosion-causing electrolytes.


  • Extreme protection for exposed metal in the most challenging conditions, such as marine, industrial and agricultural applications
  • Long-term water and weather resistance
  • Dripless
  • Tenaciously resists water displacement and washout
  • Will not dry, harden or crack
  • Actively prevents electrolysis and galvanic corrosion
  • Self-healing, resilient film

For those really tough jobs where you need the ultimate protection against moisture, the answer is CorrosionX Heavy Duty. There is no other product like it on the market today. Pretreat fittings for easy dismantling even years later! Recommended for use on boat trailers by Field and Stream magazine.

National Stock Numbers

  • CorrosionX Heavy Duty 12 oz aerosol NSN 8030-01-438-4064
  • CorrosionX Heavy Duty 1 gallon NSN 8030-01-438-4096
  • CorrosionX Heavy Duty 5 gallon NSN 8030-01-438-4100
  • CorrosionX Heavy Duty 30 gallon NSN 8030-01-438-4108
  • CorrosionX Heavy Duty 55 gallon NSN 8030-01-438-4060

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Customer Reviews

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Justin Smyth
Good stuff

This is a good product. It stopped rust on a Chevrolet if that tells you anything.

Side Show
Looks good

My friend a cheap skate... He gonna tell me to clear coat my rim to preserve the black paint to prevent corrosion... I show him this and said no problem... He said you have to... So i handed this over to him to read... Told him results in real life application...he read... Asked me how it look... I squirted a bit on a piece of paper... He ask me for tissue... I said for what??? He pull out his gun and started coating it🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a cheapo! I told him it cost 25 a bottle give or take a few.... I'm finna tell my other friend 1 do 1 can $200 under his truck🙃🤫🤗🥴🥴🥴

This stuff WORKS

Have motors and electrical equipment exposed to the elements? This is the stuff to use – allow to dry on – of wipe gently to leave a film on before re-assembly.

Just to be completely accurate for people who might read this review: CorrosionX Heavy Duty doesn't actually 'dry'. The aerosol version that you purchased will thicken up a little bit once the propellant fully bubbles out of the coating that you sprayed, but it never actually dries. That is one of the strengths of the CorrosionX products compared to dry films like corrosion preventive waxes, tar-based underbody coatings, paints, etc., is that CorrosionX is self-curing. So if it somehow removed (for example, if the coating is worn or scratched off), excess CorrosionX will be drawn to re-coat exposed metal. But to your point, if you're going to use this product on electronics, leave it on for a little while to allow the product to fully creep, crawl and bond. Gently wipe up the excess oil if there's a concern with heat dissipation. And then re-assemble. Glad to year you're having success protecting electronics in very challenging conditions. CorrosionX product (regular, Aviation, XD Extended Duty and HD Heavy Duty) are all fantastic for these sorts of applications.

A little dab will do you!

This stuff is great … used on latches on RV. Instant improvement!

Better safe than sorry

Using this on fpv components like flight controller and esc before and after a coat of conformal. = submarine

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