For more than three decades, Corrosion Technologies products have been specified in the most challenging environments imaginable – Naval aviation, mining, marine, agriculture, water treatment plants ­– just to name a few. 

Set to take pole position in Dirt Track racing, CorrosionX’s unique Polar Bonding technology offer auto enthusiasts huge advantages in any lubrication, anti-seize or corrosion prevention application. Molecularly bonding to metals and metal alloys, CorrosionX products cannot be displaced by moisture (i.e. does not wash off) or friction, and will keep dirt and mud from adhering to underbodies.

rust protection on headers exhaust manifold


Fantastic Racing Products

Mud Slide™ mud repellent coating

CorrosionX® lubricates, penetrates, prevents corrosion

CorrosionX Extended Duty (XD) corrosion preventive coating

CorrosionX Heavy Duty (HD) corrosion preventive coating

CorrosionX Grease a high-specification, high load bearing grease

Pro Wash RX high sudsing vehicle wash with shine and rinse enhancers

RejeX® advanced polymer matrix ceramic finish that protects

Xhaust & Soot Remover™ multi-surface powerful cleaner and degreaser


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