Success in modern agriculture takes a lot more than just a green thumb! Even small family farms have substantial investment in equipment like tractors, harvesters, swathers, windrowers, balers, trucks and trailers, irrigation systems and pumps. And they are all under constant attack from corrosion – often enhanced by irrigation water, corrosive fertilizers, pesticides, methane and manure.

With the use of modern equipment, often incorporating computer-DeLaval Rotary Milking Parlourcontrolled components and even robotics, more technical upkeep required in order for the technology to stay consistent.

To make maintenance easier and affordable Corrosion Technologies products should be used to prevent corrosion and provide lubrication on automations, tractors, fogging systems and watering equipment. Farming can be more efficient when the maintenance can be minimized.

Corrosion prevention and control

Whether you're harvesting trees or milking cows, time is of the essence in any agricultural business. The last thing you need is disruption; workers standing around, machinery out of action and the clock is ticking on your profits. CorrosionX® will help you to mothball machinery for months. It will start it up again like it was parked yesterday. Electrics will be working, electronics power up. Linkages, bolts and pins will move as they are supposed to. Even your electronic scale and headphones in the tractor will be better off with CorrosionX!

Forgot to spray the machine before parking it up? CorrosionX will get that rusted bolt to move, get the seized injector to come out of the alloy engine block and help your electronics to perform perfectly. A red can of CorrosionX is your trouble shooter.

CorrosionX Heavy Duty (also known as CorrosionX HD) is the best lubricant you ever tried. Unlike greases, it is a self healing coating, re-coating where it was chafed off from a surface. Superb assembly compound eliminating “galling” and future electrolysis. Perfect on hydraulic fittings, shafts, drives, safety bolts.

  • Irrigation systems and pivots
  • Tractors and other farm equipment
  • Crop duster pesticide and fertilizer sprayers
  • Robotics and automation

Protection of electronics

  • WIFI scales
  • Computer controllers

Lubrication and reduction of wear on equipment

 CorrosionX, CorrosionX Extended Duty (XD), CorrosionX Heavy Duty (HD) and CorrosionX Grease

Equipment cleaning

Xtreme Clean and Pro Wash RX 

Soil stabilization and dust control

Corrosion Technologies manufactures a complete line of soil stabilization and dust / gravel dust suppression solutions in the Ground Glue™ product line. Whether you're trying to prevent erosion, stabilize farm roads and trails to prevent the development of ruts, or you're wanting to eliminate clouds of dust while driving farm bikes or ATVs, we have a cost-effective solution. Available in as small as 5 gallon containers.

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