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Corrosion Technologies develops and commercializes many of the most effective protective chemicals products available today. The company was formed in Dallas, TX, in February 1988 under the name of Corrosion Block, Inc. to import and distribute an anti-corrosion product used in the general aviation industry. In July 1992, the company changed its name to Corrosion Technologies to reflect a broader range of endeavor; and, in November 1993, undertook expanded operations as a manufacturer of a complete line of anti-corrosion products and equipment for aviation, marine, automotive, RV, maintenance, industrial, household, agricultural, sporting goods, R/Cfirearms and general purpose uses. The brand names associated with these products are CorrosionXCorrosionX Aviation, CorrosionX Heavy Duty, CorrosionX for Guns, ReelX and SpeedX. Each utilizing core technologies featuring the latest developments in Polar Bonding and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) technology, yet unique in their designs for specific applications.

As part of our commitment to the U.S. military's corrosion prevention and control programs, in 2002, Corrosion Technologies developed a proprietary, space age polymer coating to prevent jet turbine exhaust from damaging paint and causing corrosion on the aluminum skins on military aircraft. This product became known as RejeX for its ability to 'reject' contaminants like love bugs, acid rain, tree sap, hard water stains, UV damage and bird droppings from vehicle finishes. Today, RejeX can be found on vehicles ranging from the US Navy's largest and most sophisticated surface ships, to corporate jets and Piper Cubs, to elite race cars, RVs and soccer moms' minivans.

Corrosion Technologies products are used extensively by the military and many of our products and application systems have been assigned National Stock Numbers and are available to any Federal Government agency through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). In 2011, the company again expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the development of a range of industrial materials to clean and maintain concrete, asphalt, aviation and industrial and construction equipment. Leading edge technology, commitment to quality and a no-nonsense, money back guarantee have established Corrosion Technologies' products with a sterling reputation around the globe. Continual product stewardship as well as development of other, specialized products enhance our reputation and assure the company's stature as the manufacturer of the world's most advanced protective coatings.

Alan Goldberg, Vice President of Sales

Alan is a self-proclaimed people person. And being a person himself, he ought to know! Alan has been in the chemical business for 35 years, and enjoys working with customers to help them grow their businesses.

John Stonebraker, Inside Sales

The singing salesman. Call him, place an order, and maybe "Stonebraker" will hum a few bars for you.

Nate Amster, Inside Sales

A native of the great state of Nebraska, Nate began his career as a child actor and model. Now after 44 years in the chemical business (and still working with some of those original customers too!), Nate is certain that by next year he may just get it figured out.

John Simmons, Area Manager

John specializes in industrial sales. Big dirty pieces of expensive equipment. Some people never outgrow the sandbox. That's John.

Mark Smith Higginbotham, Area Manager

Mark enjoys making beautiful music as well as making his customers happy – which to some people is also beautiful. 

Anthony Iannarelli, President

Anthony is Italian. Just buy his stuff and don't ask too many questions – or maybe tonight you'll be sleeping with the fishes (just kidding).

J.D. Hill, Vice President of Marketing

J.D. is a former customer who walked in the front door nearly two decades ago – and stayed. We literally can't get rid of the guy! J.D. likes all things aquatic, and making customers' boats, sports cars, RVs and motorcycles shine gloriously.

Katie Parker, Office Manger

Katie is basically in charge of everything. Seriously, just ask her. She shines brightest, however, whenever she's assisting a customer or vendor. 

Christopher Drogin, Technical Director

Christopher is the brains of the operation. He likes tamales, really spicy stuff and bourbon (not necessarily in that order).

Jessica Glasgow, Shipping

Jessica is in charge of everything that Katie doesn't do.

Velio Olvera, Warehouse

A world renown expert at warehouse reorganization. Takes copious naps. Puts random items in your order.

Jose, Warehouse

New guy. Shows promise.

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