Product Formulation and Custom Chemical Toll Blending

Corrosion Technologies now offers turnkey manufacturing solutions including custom chemical product formulation, blending, warehousing and fulfillment.

Cost-effective solutions for your small batch chemical needs

Corrosion Technologies' custom product formulation and chemical toll blending services offer our clients numerous strategic advantages such as formulation development / product improvement, reducing time-to-market and eliminating the need to invest in capitol equipment. We are efficient, flexible and scalable, and can provide different levels of service to fit customer requirements. 

25 HP Variable Speed Dispersion Blender

Range of service

  • Product formulation consulting and development
  • Private labelling our formulas
  • Regulatory review and Safety Data Sheet authoring
  • Raw material procurement
  • Blending
  • Bulk delivery
  • Packaging (bottling, labeling and packaging)

Toll Manufacturing Advantages

  • Minimal initial capital outlay. Client receives the advantages of our specialized knowledge and equipment.
  • Allows clients to focus on their core competencies, as opposed to acquiring chemical and regulatory knowhow.
  • Clients benefit from decades of technical expertise.
  • No additional labor, floor space or facility expansion required.
  • Predictable costs with volume-based rates.
  • Quality control testing and analytics.
  • Production quantities can be changed to fulfill production needs.
  • No purchasing and storing raw materials
  • Efficient packaging and labeling
  • Storage and shipment of finished products

The Process

  1. Initial Consultation – free consultation with Corrosion Technologies experts to gain an understanding of your needs. We will match your needs with the right service. 
  2. R&D – Corrosion Technologies maintains a modern production facility, with state-of-the-art blending and bottling equipment. Test out new materials or ideas with our help.
  3. Testing and Samples – Before pilot runs or full scale production, we can produce lab samples, so the client can see how the product will turn out. This is usually at minimal or no cost.
  4. Beta Run – a beta run will help provide a finished product that meets the client's needs. This is the time when small issues are resolved to ensure a quality product.
  5. Production – After verification of the Beta Run, production can begin. Corrosion Technologies manages entire process for the clients.

To inquire about Corrosion Technologies manufacturing services, please contact as at and reference Manufacturing Services in the subject line.

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