Soil stabilization, erosion and dust control

Unpaved surfaces and roads are subject to many issues including potholes, excessive dust, washout and rutting. In addition to the high cost of maintaining unpaved and gravel topped surfaces and roadways, they are more susceptible to creating dangerous situations for workers and travelers. They can also create air quality issues both onsite and for surrounding communities. They also tend to require excessive usage of water.

The practice of soil stabilization has been around for generations. From reducing dust and erosion, to improving the weight bearing and other engineered characteristics of roadways, parking lots, quarries, mines and more – there are numerous advantages and benefits. The recent development of new technologies and additives have dramatically increased both the performance characteristics and cost/benefit ratio over traditional stabilizer products. Some of these new stabilizer products and additives include polymer based products (e.g. cross-linking water-based styrene acrylic polymers that significantly improve the load-bearing capacity and tensile strength of treated soils), copolymer based products, fiber reinforcement, calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

What is Ground Glue®?

Ground Glue is a family of products of related products developed by Corrosion Technologies. The formulas contain only low-risk, all-natural ingredients that form geopolymers to build soil structures, which control dust, prevent soil erosion, support load, resist abrasion and washout. Ground Glue does not contain any petroleum chemicals, volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants or other chemicals which may be restricted from being released into the environment. Ground Glue is safe to be used near vegetation, livestock and pets, and people. In fact, Ground Glue is used to solve many environmental health and safety concerns introduced by fugitive dusts and runoff soils.

What can I do with Ground Glue?

  • Stabilize soils

  • Control dust

  • Aid in the construction of unpaved paths and roads

  • Stabilize and maintain gravel

  • Reduce or eliminate clay heave

  • Fix landscaping materials in place


Product in the Ground Glue Line

Ground Glue® Dust & Gravel

Our most economical product, GROUND GLUE DUST & GRAVEL is a hydroscopic compound that attracts moisture from both the air as well as irrigation, absorbs into the soil and then resists evaporation. It binds dirt together, encumbers dust and stabilizes gravel – thereby reducing maintenance and watering costs.

Effective on most soil and gravel types, it is the ideal product to improve performance characteristics of rock and gravel paths, drives and roadways. Concentrated, economical, long-lasting dust control and stabilization (i.e increasing the weight bearing capabilities, reducing erosion, etc.) GROUND GLUE DUST & GRAVEL binds dirt together, encumbers dust and stabilizes gravel – all while reducing maintenance and watering costs.

    • Surface treatment – no mixing with soil or compaction required
    • Concentrated – dilutes with water up 10X
    • Contains no asphalt or hydrocarbons; environmentally preferred
    • Economical and long-lasting; effectiveness increases over time
    • Immediate impact: begins controlling dust now
    • Ideal for gravel road maintenance
    • Contains anti-scale and corrosion inhibitor additives / does not harm application equipment 


Ground Glue® Soil Stabilizer

A concentrated, economical, long-lasting soil stabilization (i.e increasing the weight bearing capabilities, reducing erosion, etc.) product that assists in the compaction of soil, prevention of erosion and reduction of dust. Effective on most soil types, GROUND GLUE SOIL STABILIZER binds dirt together while sealing the pores of substrates to increase its bearing capacity and its ability to resist both chemical and natural erosion – all while reducing maintenance and watering costs.

GROUND GLUE SOIL STABILIZER is also available by the tanker load (approx. 4,700 gal.), and includes professional application on your site. Please call 1-800-638-7361 for pricing and scheduling.

    • Assists in compaction
    • Environmentally preferred & biodegradable
    • Economical & long-lasting
    • Concentrated
    • Ideal for roads, drives, pathways, lots, ponds, dirt tracks, lake banks and sand traps
    • Prevents erosion
    • Reduces dust

Ground Glue® Soil Stabilizer with Primer

Soil Stabilizer fortified with a special primer to support sandy soils with low plasticity indexes or soils with high clay content with high plasticity indexes. Activation is always best with compaction, however, if compaction is not available, utilizing GROUND GLUE SOIL STABILIZER WITH PRIMER activation adds uncompressed strength to soils. Primer adds flexible binders to the Ground Glue system while also increasing longevity.

    • Concentrated – dilutes with water up 5X
    • Contains no asphalt or hydrocarbons; environmentally preferred
    • Economical and long-lasting; effectiveness increases over time
    • Adds flexibility, reduces dusting from abrasion and improves longevity
    • Improves uncompressed strength and aids compaction

Ground Glue® Clay Stabilizer

An additive for clay or soils with high clay content that makes this difficult substrate very workable and useable. GROUND GLUE CLAY STABILIZER  eliminates heave – the swell and shrink nuisance of clay. It hardens and reduces slip of a previously soft and slimy clay surfaces, and allows higher loads to be placed on the stabilized surface. The product is also very good for clay linings and banks in ponds and lakes. GROUND GLUE CLAY STABILIZER is applied as a dry powder that is mixed into the soils to provide variable levels of firmness and drainage. GGClay is a clean permanent solution to messy, problematic clay and high clay content soil.

    • Permanently turns impossible clay into a workable/moldable material
    • Eliminates heave – the menacing swell and shrinkage of clays
    • Begins curing in 1-hour and continues to improve over time
    • Compaction not required; moisture dries away
    • Contains no asphalt or hydrocarbons; environmentally preferred
    • Economical and long-lasting

Typical Applications

  • Dirt and dirt/gravel roadways
  • Dirt parking lots
  • Equestrian / Riding Arenas
  • Erosion prevention
  • Feedlots
  • Mines
  • Oilfield
  • Quarries
  • Ranches
  • Rodeo Grounds
  • Wind farms

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