Xtreme Finish dry wash and wax
Xtreme Finish dry wash and wax from $20.99
PROFESSIONAL GRADE DRY WASH & WAX This specially formulated, carnauba-enriched waterless dry wash and speed wax is designed to clean and provide short-term, high gloss protection for vehicle finishes – all in one step! Xtreme Finish™ can also be used as a cleaner and detailer between RejeX® treatments. Easy on, easy off No water necessary No need to pre-clean vehicle prior to use Increases gloss and adds warmth to vehicle finishes Provides short-term (approx. 1 month) protection against UV and road grime Great For: Cleaning vehicles without soap and water Removing light dust and road grime Cleaning and detailing between RejeX treatments Adding warmth, richness and additional gloss to your vehicle's finish
RefleXion quick detail spray
RefleXion quick detail spray from $9.99
THE QUICK DETAIL SPRAY THAT CLEANS AND SHINES LIKE MAGIC! RefleXion™ returns aircraft, boats, cars, RVs and motorcycles to that 'just detailed' look between regular washing and waxing (or RejeX-ing). Quickly and easily removes dust, road film, fingerprints, streaks and water spots safely from most vehicle surfaces. Cleans and shines all hard surfaces – just like magic! High lubricity formula picks up dirt and dust without scratching Removes harmful contaminants such as exhaust, bug splats and bird droppings Enhances shine Clean your whole vehicle in the time it would take to drag out the garden hose, bucket and car wash soap
Velour and Leather Upholstery Cleaner
Velour and Leather Upholstery Cleaner $14.99
MULTI-FABRIC FOAMING CLEANER Velour and Leather Upholstery Cleaner cleans and removes lipstick, dirt, grease, hand prints, pencil marks and grime from most leather, velour, vinyl, plastic and canvas materials. The thick foam clings to all vertical surfaces, while the foaming action penetrates deep to all kinds of dirt, grease and grime. Recommended for use on most fabrics, including: Velour Leather Plastic Vinyl Canvas

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