A-Plex™ Plexiglas cleaner, protectant and polish

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Anti-Static Aircraft and Marine Plexiglas Cleaner, Protectant and Polish

Meets or exceeds the scope and performance requirements of MIL-C-878937 Type II
Passes ASTM-F-484 Type A (stress crazing of acrylic plastic)
Suitable for use on BOEING LEXAN 9600 and GE-MR5 LEXAN
Passes ASTM F502, Standard Test Method for Effects of Cleaning and Chemical Maintenance Materials on Painted Aircraft Surfaces

Another great product from Corrosion Technologies' new 5-Star line! A-Plex is an anti-static aircraft and marine Plexiglas cleaner, protectant and polish. Also excellent for use on motorcycle windscreens. A-Plex produces a microscopic, high luster, soil retarding and water repellent finish to aircraft and marine plexiglass – leaving a surface that is lustrous. A-Plex dries with no smears, no smudges and no oily residue. Can be applied in seconds.