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KB Plus™ heavy-duty, concentrated fleet cleaner
gallon gallon

KB Plus is a heavy-duty, concentrated cleaner and surface brightener designed for maximum performance in cleaning trucks and other equipment in concrete-related industries. It will remove concrete film, rust, road grime, dust, and other soils. KB Plus is strong enough for the toughest jobs, yet is economical and easy to use. KB Plus is an acid-based product, however, its non-fuming formula reduces the harmful effects of harsher muriatic acids while still doing a great job of removing concrete and making your vehicles look great.


  • Removes concrete films
  • High potency formula, can be used indoors
  • No smoke, no fumes
  • Washes away road grime, dust and soils
  • Non-flammable
  • Eliminates rust stains
  • Contains no hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, glycolic or sulfuric acids
  • Compatible with most vehicle paints, decals, wiring and hoses

    Tech Sheet |

    LFS-1™ oil spill bio-remediation
    gallon gallon


    LFS-1 is used to cleanse soil and water that have been contaminated by hydrocarbon spills such as oil, gas or diesel. LFS-1 is a mixture of microorganisms (10 highly specialized strains of bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter) suspended in an aqueous solution that were selected to optimize the natural breakdown of these contaminants through metabolization. In simpler terms, the microorganisms thrive, eat and digest hydrocarbons, which break them down into naturally occurring substances such as carbon dioxide and fatty acids.

    LFS-1 microorganisms survive in adverse conditions while working in concert to optimally metabolize hydrocarbons. These bacteria are naturally occurring in nature and pose little or no health risk to the environment or other living organisms. 

    Rates of metabolism vary greatly according to the type of hydrocarbon (chain length and complexity) and certain physical factors. Some bio-remediation jobs are completed in as little as 30 days, while others take longer. LFS-1 can also be used in bioreactors where hydrocarbon contaminated soils or waters are pumped into large vessels and aerated until hydrocarbon levels drop to acceptable levels.


    • Helps restore ecosystem balance
    • LFS-1 degrades
    • Natural solution for bio-remediation, without the use of chemicals
    • Is not dangerous, toxic or pathogenic
    • Requires no special handling or permits for storage
    • Results are seen within the first 30 days
    MaxWax™ dry, long-lasting corrosion preventive coating
    aerosol oz gallon gallon gallon gallon gallon


    Conforms to the scope and intended use of MIL-C-16173D (Grade 1)
    NSN 8030-00-62-6950
    NATO 6850-66-132-5848
    NATO 6850-55-132-6099

    The world's most effective and long-lasting corrosion inhibitor spray, MaxWax is a tough, synthetic wax-based, resilient corrosion inhibitor barrier coating that provides long-term protection for metal surfaces. It forms a smooth, even coating for maximum protection even in the harshest environments and underwater. MaxWax dries faster than other wax-based corrosion inhibitors, and it will not harden, crack or lose resiliency even in sub-zero temperatures It can withstand temperatures exceeding 200˚C / 392˚F. Its ultra-thin viscosity allows penetration between and around close fitting components to prevent moisture, gasses or chemicals from causing rust or corrosion. Product is acid resistant. VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Technology MaxWax emits a time-release Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) for added benefit when applied in confined areas. The VCI forms an invisible coating that protects items not covered by the wax, such as tools in a toolbox, engines in an engine compartment, and electrical switches and components in an electrical box or cabinet

    Sample Uses

    • Ideal for short or long-term storage of parts, motors, machined parts and equipment
    • Pipe and steel plate coating
    • Underbody coating
    • Perfect for concrete forms and accessories
    • Used extensively in the prestressed concrete industry for long-term storage of steel forms
    • Excellent for protecting underwater cables, submersible pumps and running gear on oceangoing vessels
    N'Viro Solve™ cleaner / degreaser
    spray gallon gallon gallon gallon gallon


    N'viro Solve is a bio-based organic cleaner made from various plant and fruit derivatives. This naturally occurring degreaser removes baked-on oil deposits, as well as heavy grease, from painted or unpainted surfaces. N'viro Solve will take the place of volatile solvent cleaners sometimes used for this purpose. Also acts as a terrific, industrial strength adhesive remover! N'viro Solve is totally biodegradable when rinsed with water.

    • Dissolves oily buildup that other types of degreasers can't touch
    • Environmentally responsible and biodegradable
    • Nonflammable (flash point over 250° F)
    Pro Wash RX™
    gallon gallon gallon gallon gallon gallon


    Pro Wash RX is a super-concentrated cleaner designed to provide superior detergency while at the same time being extremely gentle on all vehicle finishes. PRO WASH RX contains special rinsing agents that enhance shine and help eliminate streaking.

    • Specially formulated to gently clean all types of flying, rolling and floating stock
    • Neutral pH cleaner that is ideal for everyday use
    • Safe to use on exotic materials such as plexiglass, carbon fiber, etc.
    • Creates a luxuriant, sudsy foam to break up grease, grime and gently lift away dirt
    • More shine with less streaks
    • Environmentally preferable non-butyl product containing biodegradable surfactants and zero VOCs
    • The perfect everyday wash for vehicles of all sorts, including cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and airplanes
    • The ideal cleaning compliment for vehicles protected with RejeX, Xtreme Finish or Aero-Glide.
    For heavier soils and degreasing, or for removing carbon stains from aircraft, use Corrosion Technologies Xhaust & Soot Remover™ a super-concentrated pH balanced, premium shine enhancing soap designed to provide superior detergency while at the same time being extremely gentle on all vehicle finishes.
    Rust Reconverter LT
    oz gallon gallon


    Rust Reconverter LT stops further rusting of machinery, tools, vehicles, equipment, boats, metal buildings and more. No more scraping and painting rusted metal! RUST RECONVERTER LT chemically converts rust into a black organic complex while a clear acrylic coating is formed over the surface. When used indoors, the coating can last for years even without painting. When used outdoors or in high humidity applications, it should be painted over using an oil-based enamel or epoxy paint. Covers up to 500 square feet per gallon. The coating itself is sufficient to last for years, but it is also an excellent primer for latex, epoxy and oil-based paints.

    Rust Reconverter LT extends the life of anything made of ferrous metal or alloys. Removes rust and leaves a protective primer shell all in one quick and easy step! rust converter Rusted floor lift painted with Rust Reconverter LT Rust Reconverter LT A customer sent us this photo of a rusty piece of equipment being rehabilitated quickly and efficiently with a coat of Rust Reconverter LT

    Great For:

    • Any rusted ferrous metal surface that can be painted
    • Ships and workboats
    • Water treatment and sewage processing equipment and facilities
    • Commercial swimming pools and resorts
    • HVAC systems
    • Metal structures and buildings
    Rust Remover
    oz gallon gallon gallon gallon


    Rust Remover is a breakthrough in the removal of unwanted rust. Eliminates rust from iron and steel without harmful fumes. Begins working immediately to transform rust into a gray/black iron phosphate, which interrupts the rusting process. When the rust is gone, the chemical transformation has occurred, and the surface is prepared for a protective coating such as paint. It is compatible with many surfaces and will not harm most glass, hoses, decals, plastic, rubber or vinyl and paints. Effective for use on most painted surfaces for removal of surface rust.

    NOT FOR USE on nonferrous metals.

    NOT FOR USE on firearms, as Rust Remover will remove gun bluing.

    • High potency formula, can be used indoors
    • Removes rust without smoke or fumes
    • Prepares metal surface for paint and increases lifespan of paint job
    • Compatible with most vehicle paints, decals, wiring and hoses

    PLEASE NOTE: Once rust has been removed, it is important to treat metal with some kind of protective coating so that the clean metal surface does not re-rust. For this purpose we recommend neutralizing / rinsing the cleaned metal surface with Xtreme Clean™ and water and then either paint, or if you prefer a clean metal look, use CorrosionX®.

    Great For:

    • Removing rust from cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles and ATVs
    • Industrial equipment
    • Road equipment
    • Lawn furniture
    • Tools
    • Restoration of metal parts

    | Tech Sheet |

    Sparkle™ non-ammoniated glass cleaner
    aerosol gallon gallon gallon


    Sparkle is a foaming, multi-purpose aerosol cleaner that brightens and cleans windows, mirrors, headlights, stoves, tables, counter tops and many other surfaces. Sparkle's exclusive fast foaming action penetrates and removes greasy stains, fingerprints, smudges, bugs and other foreign matter. Will not streak or leave residue. Excellent for use on any nonporous surface unaffected by water, such as:

    • Windows
    • Mirrors
    • Most TV screens and computer monitors
    • Light fixtures
    • Windshields
    • Aircraft windshields
    • Vinyl upholstery
    • Porcelain
    • Appliances
    • Plexiglas
    Tent Brite™
    gallon gallon gallon gallon


    Tent Brite is a water-soluble, non-flammable cleaning concentrate with biodegradable surfactants that removes dirt, grease, oil, exhaust soot, rust marks and other common stains from fabric structures (including canvas, plastic and vinyl surfaces). Tent Brite is safe to use on fabrics, vinyl, cordage, plastics and most metals.

    • A powerful cleaner and degreaser that’s gentle on all fabrics and finishes
    • Quickly and thoroughly removes grease and grime
    • Brightens paint
    • Safe to use on exotic materials such as carbon fiber, natural and synthetic fabrics, etc.
    • Neutralizes acids (such as bird droppings and acid rain)
    Tough Guy™ hand cleaner
    oz cartridge cartridge


    Tough Guy is a concentrated, water-based hand cleaner formulated to clean the toughest grease and grime while at the same time promoting healthy skin care. Tough Guy liquefies to remove stubborn industrial soils, grease, oil, tar, ink, paint and more.

    How Does It Work?

    The secret behind Tough Guy is that it's made from crushed almond shells! The crushed almond shells give Tough Guy the cleaning power of pumice. However, unlike pumice which can dry out your skin, the rich oils that naturally occur in almonds baby your skin making it smooth, soft, supple and pliant. What's more, Tough Guy is not just another "green" product – it's REALLY environmentally friendly. Think about it... Normally these almond shells, which are the by-product of commercial nut packing factories, would go straight to a landfill. With Tough Guy, this valuable resource is captured and converted into a product fine enough for a 5-star resort or spa, but at a price that's mere pennies per use.

    PLEASE NOTE: The "Dispenser" (part # 54321) is for the wall-mount dispenser unit ONLY. It requires a 120 fl oz cartridge / refill to work.
    Xtreme Clean™ general purpose cleaner / degreaser
    spray spray gallon gallon gallon gallon gallon gallon


    Xtreme Clean is an all-purpose, water soluble, nonflammable, heavy-duty cleaning concentrate and degreaser for jobs of all kinds. Xtreme Clean is an effective way to keep your equipment squeaky clean!

    Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) interim guidance for Coronavirus (COVID-19):
    Soap and water don’t kill germs: they work by mechanically removing them. Running water by itself does a pretty good job of germ removal, but soap increases the overall effectiveness by pulling unwanted material off the surface and into the water. In fact, if surfaces are visibly dirty or have food residue on them, soap and water are actually more effective than alcohol-based sanitizers because proteins and fats in food reduce disinfectants’ germ-killing power.

    Practice good personal health habits and plan for home-based actions. Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects daily like tables, countertops, light switches, doorknobs and handles.

    Xtreme Clean is effective and safe for use on most painted and metal surfaces, stone and concrete, electrical insulation, rubber and plastics.

    • Powerful cleaner and degreaser that’s gentle on all surfaces – even natural and sensitive ones
    • Concentrated cleaning capacity; dilutes with up to 60 parts water for cleaning and degreasing
    • Breaks down grease, proteins, lipids and destroys the microbial environment
    • Removes bug splats, bird bombs, tree sap, road tar and general dirt and grime
    • Excellent on boat materials such as fiberglass / gel coat, varnished wood, stainless, aluminum, marine paints and carbon fiber
    • An idea cleaner to strip old wax from vehicle paint prior to a RejeX treatment
    • Quickly breaks down carbon, grease and exhaust soot
    • Cuts through household, industrial and tough road grime
    • Brightens paint
    • Neutralizes acids
    • Use prior to disinfecting in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) interim guidance for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Great For:

    • Steam cleaning
    • Black streaks
    • Pressure washing
    • Brake dust
    • Grease and oil
    • Truck wash
    • Exhaust soot
    • Industrial equipment
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