Ground Glue Dust & Gravel



1 gallon 5 gallon 55 gallon 275 gallon tote

Ground Glue Dust & Gravel



1 gallon 5 gallon 55 gallon 275 gallon tote

NOTE: For extremely dry climates (when humidity is less than 15%) and/or when the surface is fine dust powder more than 1" deep, please use our Ground Glue® Soil Stabilizer product instead.



Ground Glue® Dust & Gravel is a long-lasting dust control and stabilization (i.e increasing the weight bearing capabilities, reducing erosion, etc.) product for rock and gravel paths, drives and roads. The most economical product in the Ground Glue lineup, Ground Glue Dust & Gravel is a high-grade, hydroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and then absorbs it into the road surface. Once in the road, Ground Glue Dust & Gravel resists evaporation, encumbers dust, binds dirt together and stabilizes gravel – all while reducing maintenance and watering costs.

Ground Glue Dust & Gravel “glues” fine dust and aggregates to keep surfaces stable and dust-free. Effective on most soil and gravel types.


  • Immediate impact: Begins controlling dust now
  • Surface treatment – no mixing with soil or compaction required
  • Concentrated – dilutes with water up 10X
  • Contains no asphalt or hydrocarbons; environmentally preferred
  • Economical and long-lasting; effectiveness increases over time
  • Ideal for gravel road maintenance – fixes fines into the base to form a foundation for the gravel
  • Contains anti-scale and corrosion inhibitor additives
  • Will not harm application equipment
  • Self-cleaning formula – just rinse to leave application equipment clean

    Application Guide |

    Don't know how much you need? Try our Dust & Gravel Application Calculator.

    Coverage for Dust Suppression 5 gallon jug 55 gallon drum 265 gallon tote
    Short Term (1-2 weeks) 60,000 sq. ft 660,000 sq. ft 3,180,000 sq. ft
    3 months (seasonal) 30,000 sq. ft 330,000 sq. ft 1,590,000 sq. ft
    6 months (biannual) 15,000 sq. ft 165,000 sq. ft 795,000 sq. ft
    1 year 7,500 sq. ft 82,500 sq. ft 397,500 sq. ft

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Darrell Hancock

    It's a little pricey. You have to put down a good coat, but it does work.

    It was terrible thin thicker a spoonful a sprayer it don't work

    Doesn't glue

    Please read the description of the product before ordering, so that you purchase the right kind of product to meet your expectations. Ground Glue Dust & Gravel is NOT an adhesive. It does not actually 'glue' gravel or dust particles together. Ground Glue works by causing moisture to be absorbed into the dust 'fines' and locks it in so that it resists evaporation. This causes the dust fines to be much heavier, so they can't stay suspended in the air as easily or as long, rather, the dust stays closer to the ground and tends to clump (like kitty litter). This clumping action surrounds any gravel in the roadbed and has the effect of weakly cementing the gravel in place, so gravel tends to stay in the road bed where it belongs. Rewetting the gravel bed (rain or irrigation) renews this effect. There are some product on the market that are actual rock/gravel adhesives. But the general consensus on those types of products is that the adhesion between the gravel breaks when you run over it with a heavy object such a vehicles. Once the initial adhesion is broken, the product no longer works, so you don't get much longevity for the price.

    Kathy Russell
    works great!

    Works great keeping the dust down on our driveway.

    Gregory Anderson
    No dust!!

    Yay no dust in my garage from cars pulling up to the house. Pretty awesome.

    Jim Perez
    Works good

    Less dust

    Factory pickup available

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Made in the USA

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