CorrosionX Air Tool Treatment


CorrosionX Air Tool Treatment





CorrosionX® is now available with a precision tip for pinpoint application as well as conveniently refilling in-line oilers. CorrosionX's unique Polar Bonding technology kills and prevent corrosion, provides unmatched long-lasting lubrication and is impervious to the moisture prevalent in pneumatic tools and equipment.

  • Unbeatable lubrication and wear protection for all air-operated tools, equipment and fittings
  • Kills rust and prevents it from forming
  • Resists oxidation and foaming
  • Prevents tools from freezing / needs no separate antifreeze
  • Makes rusted components perform like new
  • Greatly extends equipment service life

Corrosion Protection and Rust Preventive Coating

Due to Polar Bonding, CorrosionX causes common metals and metal alloys such as iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, etc. to chemically behave more like noble metals such as gold and platinum. In other words, as long as CorrosionX is present on metal, it can't rust or corrode!

CorrosionX also has a high dielectric property, so it's safe around electric tools and completely shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.

To learn more about Polar Bonding, please visit our technology page.

A Breakthrough Lubricant

CorrosionX's unique formulation offers a multitude of advantages over conventional air tool lubricants. Because it sticks to metal like a magnet, it cannot be easily displaced by pressure, friction or the moisture in pneumatic tools. It lubricates under extreme loads and high temperatures, and it helps prevent tools freezing at low temperatures. Not only does CorrosionX lubricate better, it lasts many times longer! This is especially true in high humidity, coastal and marine environments where higher level of moisture inside air compressors, air lines and pneumatic tools can displace ordinary lubricants.

Minimal Environmental Impact Product

The volatile organic compounds (usually abbreviated as VOC or VOCs) contained in CorrosionX is now ZERO. Compare that to most products in the spray lubricant category, which can be 50% or more VOC (for example, according to their current Safety Data Sheet, WD-40 is 49.5% solvent). That means CorrosionX is many times more gentle on you, your equipment and the environment.

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