A great discovery for all kinds of electronics – a better, safer solution than any contact cleaner – does more and does it more safely.

  • Nonflammable
  • Oxidation-fighting
  • Keeps working for years

Electronic connection correction

Penetrates through oxidation to bond with the clean metal underneath. Displaces any existing corrosion and surface debris – right down to the molecular level – to provide unprecedented cleaning for an immaculate connection.

Electronic connection perfection

With just one molecular layer bonded to each contact surface, CorrosionX has only 0.1 ohm resistance.

Electronic connection protection

CorrosionX protection can stay in place for months in harsh, outdoor saltwater spray environments or for years on indoor gear.

 How an Almost Perfect Conductor can be an Almost Perfect Insulator

CorrosionX bonds with an underlying metal conductor as a Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) that is just one molecule thick (0.0004"); when you place two such treated conductors in contact with each other, the resistance between them is only about 0.1 Ohm. So why doesn't it short out adjacent conductors? A separation of even just a faction of a millimeter is so many molecules wide that it exhibits a resistance beyond the billions of Ohms that our instrumentation can measure. In practical terms, it's an insulator. 


See how CorrosionX helps your PC... your home entertainment gear... your gaming gear... electronics in your car or boat... outdoor light fixtures... and everywhere!

CorrosionX helps your PC

  • Inside the case, wipe onto or into PCI card fingers and slots, memory card fingers and slots, SATA drive connections, DC power connections, fan connectors and header pins
  • Outside the case, wipe to apply to USB sockets, audio connectors, external drive connectors and the AC power connector
  • Dip PC cable ends into CorrosionX and wipe off excess with a soft cloth

CorrosionX helps your home entertainment gear

  • Dip audio and video cable ends, lightly wipe, plug in and remove to treat mating connection, then wipe once more before reinserting
  • Wipe onto speaker screw connectors to eliminate dissimilar metal oxidation when connecting speaker wires
  • Use on antenna connectors
  • Use a swab to apply to remote control battery contacts

CorrosionX helps your gaming gear

  • Dip and wipe console connectors
  • Use a swab to apply to battery contacts on remotes and wireless controllers

CorrosionX helps electronics in your car or boat

  • Spray onto battery posts
  • Wipe onto accessory plugs that go into the lighter socket
  • Dip and wipe connector ends of cables to navigators, charging cradles and other accessories
  • CorrosionX is also a great lubricant and protectant: Wet your car and boat keys with CorrosionX, insert into each lock and remove, then wipe off excess

CorrosionX helps outdoor light fixtures

  • Spray the socket and wipe the metal bulb base to prevent corrosion rust-locking the bulb to the socket
  • Spray onto electrical plugs of holiday lighting displays

CorrosionX helps everywhere!

  • Wipe onto flashlight battery contacts
  • Restore connections damaged by leaky batteries\
  • Wipe onto jointed tools like pliers
  • Spray into air tools
  • Use on electronics musical instrument connections
  • Wipe onto garage door opener battery contacts
  • Wipe onto contacts of camera batteries and memory cards

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