Gun Kit

$28.99 $32.98 -13% OFF

Gun Kit

$28.99 $32.98 -13% OFF

Kit contains 1 each of Bore Cleaner 16 oz. trigger spray and CorrosionX Ultimate CLP (CorrosionX for Guns) 6 oz. aerosol

Corrosion Technologies Bore Cleaner

Safely and efficiently removes every component of multi-layered bore buildup, including hydrocarbon resins, dust and dirt, salts, minerals, carbon and soft metal fouling.  Bring pistol, shotgun and rifle (even black powder rifle) actions, bores and barrels back to mirror brightness with less picking, scraping and scrubbing.

Although Bore Cleaner is aggressive on gunk and fouling, it is completely safe on polymers, varnishes, soft metals, and metal alloys, bluing, anodizing and all other known gun finishes.

Odorless and crystal clear, so you can easily see fouling and contaminants on the patch to know when your firearm is perfectly clean. 


    CorrosionX Ultimate CLP / CorrosionX for Guns

    CorrosionX is the ultimate cleaner, lubricant and protectant for firearms of all kinds and in all conditions: black powder, high-volume semi / full-auto fire, suppressed weapons, concealed carry, extreme hot / cold / dirt / wet outdoor environments, and when going for long periods of time between cleaning and lubricating is required.

    CorrosionX employs a revolutionary technology called Polar Bonding that causes it to bond molecularly to any metal surface (and subsurface) that can oxidize. This unique chemistry provides several benefits over conventional CLPs.


    • Cuts through stubborn fouling for easier, more thorough cleaning
    • Prevents powder fouling, primer salts and metal particles from adhering to bore
    • Sticks to metal like a magnet, so it cannot be displaced by moisture, friction or extreme pressures
    • Lubricates better and longer than other gun oils – virtually eliminating wear and providing flawless action
    • 3X the anti-wear protection of MilSpec CLPs
    • Nearly 2X the load carrying capacity of Mil Spec CLPs
    • Kills corrosion and prevents rust – even in the rain!

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