LFS-1™ (oil spill bio-remediation)

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LFS-1 is used to cleanse soil and water that have been contaminated by hydrocarbon spills such as oil, gas or diesel. LFS-1 is a mixture of microorganisms (10 highly specialized strains of bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter) suspended in an aqueous solution that were selected to optimize the natural breakdown of these contaminants through metabolization. In simpler terms, the microorganisms thrive, eat and digest hydrocarbons, which break them down into naturally occurring substances such as carbon dioxide and fatty acids.

LFS-1 microorganisms survive in adverse conditions while working in concert to optimally metabolize hydrocarbons. These bacteria are naturally occurring in nature and pose little or no health risk to the environment or other living organisms. 

Rates of metabolism vary greatly according to the type of hydrocarbon (chain length and complexity) and certain physical factors. Some bio-remediation jobs are completed in as little as 30 days, while others take longer. LFS-1 can also be used in bioreactors where hydrocarbon contaminated soils or waters are pumped into large vessels and aerated until hydrocarbon levels drop to acceptable levels.

  • Helps restore ecosystem balance
  • LFS-1 degrades
  • Natural solution for bio-remediation, without the use of chemicals
  • Is not dangerous, toxic or pathogenic
  • Requires no special handling or permits for storage
  • Results are seen within the first 30 days