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Which CorrosionX application method is best for maintaining boat tools?

A customer on Amazon asked, "Do I want the CorrosionX trigger spray bottle or the aerosol can to apply this product to the tools living aboard my...

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Corrosion Technologies' 3-step approach to boat care

Step 1 is a deep surface cleaning, then coat with a long-lasting protectant and finally use a gentle cleaner for follow-up cleaning during the season. This...

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Using CorrosionX on firearm polymer components

Can I use CorrosionX for cleaning gun`s polymer? Will it damage the polymer firearm components? CorrosionX will make the polymer shiny, but it won’t really...

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CorrosionX to restore and protect corroded circuit boards

Bill from Backporch Broadcast asks, "I have circuit boards that have corrosion from capacitors leaking the electrolytic fluid on the boards. It is very similar to...

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What is the difference between RejeX bottles?

Many people are confused by the different RejeX® bottles. What's the difference, and which one is right for me?

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