What is the difference between CorrosionX (red) and CorrosionX Heavy Duty (green)?

What is the difference between CorrosionX (red) and CorrosionX Heavy Duty (green)?

CorrosionX (red label)
Regular red label CorrosionX is an ultra-thin film. It is a fantastic corrosion preventive compound, extreme pressure rated lubricant and penetrant that is also safe on most electronics. As long as CorrosionX is adjacent metal, it will creep, crawl and migrate to form a solid, surface isolating, self-healing Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC™) that is approximately 4/10,00ths of an inch thick. The Polar Bonding™ characteristic of CorrosionX (attracted to all metal and metal alloys than can oxidize, analagous to the way two magnets are drawn together) gives the product outstanding mobility to coat and penetrate. Because it's an ultra-thin film, the coating should not interfere with heat dissipation (such as on a circuit board, heat syncs, or AC fins). With a dielectric strength of 39,000V typ., it is fantastic for preventing galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. For its thickness, it is an unbeatable corrosion preventive.

CorrosionX Heavy Duty (green label)
CorrosionX Heavy Duty has been thickened (to 0.005" typ.) so that it is essentially the same film thickness as a double-aught grease. Because the film is both thicker and more viscous, CorrosionX Heavy Duty does not migrate and penetrate like regular CorrosionX – CorrosionX Heavy Duty pretty much stays where it's sprayed on metal. What the extra film thickness gives you in Heavy Duty is amazing resistance to the elements (even submerged under water) and resistance to splash and water spray. Because CorrosionX Heavy Duty is many times thicker than regular CorrosionX, you get much longer protection against corrosion, and more corrosion resistance in extreme conditions such as saltwater, sulphuric acid conditions like you might find in a waste treatment plant, phosphates like you might encounter in mining operations, resistance to corrosive chemicals like fertilizers, etc. It has a dielectric strength of 25,000V typ., so it would be fine to use on something like 12V battery terminals, or terminals on a genset, but the coating is thick enough where we generally do not recommend spraying it on circuit boats and heat dissipation components.

CorrosionX Extended Duty (orange label)
Even though this customer didn't ask the question, this is probably also a good spot to address how CorrosionX Extended Duty (aka XD) fits into our lineup. CorrosionX Extended Duty is a product we developed in response to requests from our customers in the mining industry. Several mines were spraying CorrosionX to protect electrical components on mining equipment. But because they were continually misting the area with water (to keep the dust down) and because of the salts and other minerals in the rock they were mining, they wanted a product that would protect longer in that extraordinarily corrosive environment. So they tried CorrosionX Heavy Duty. CorrosionX Heavy Duty worked perfectly from a corrosion prevention perspective, but with all the mining dust in the air, the grease-weight product attracted too much dust. CorrosionX Extended Duty is a medium weight product that slots in right between CorrosionX and Heavy Duty. In the mines, it gave the customer the extended corrosion protection they needed without attracting too much dust. In other areas, CorrosionX Extended Duty has proven to be a great fit for anyone who want longer-term corrosion protection in a forggable thinner product.

A typical application that might help illustrate, when corrosion-proofing a vehicle, we would spray CorrosionX on the engine, in the engine and trunk cavities and door wells because CorrosionX is so thin, it's almost invisible and because it's thin and mobile you get fantastic coverage when spraying into an enclosed, confined area like a door well. But for the underbody, we'd spray either CorrosionX Extended Duty or CorrosionX Heavy Duty because you can spray the underbody directly (making sure all the metal components except the brakes have a light coating on it), and the thicker coatings give longer all-season-long protection agains rain, splash, snow and slush.

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