Keep Firearms Rust-Free with CorrosionX® Ultimate CLP

Keep Firearms Rust-Free with CorrosionX® Ultimate CLP

Hunters tend to think of guns being protected when locked away, but the damaging effects of moisture can crack even the most secure safe. With a coating of CorrosionX, your favorite firearm will not be covered in rust the next time you take it out.

The Fluid Thin Film Coating (or 'FTFC') technology contained in CorrosionX penetrates and fills the microscopic grooves found in metal, protecting your firearms on a molecular level. CorrosionX bonds with metal and metal alloys to seal out moisture, disrupt and prevent corrosion, enhance lubrication and prevent gun fouling from sticking to the firearm. This shuts down corrosion and rust before it happens. Since CorrosionX sticks to metal like a magnet, it will not run off firearms and onto a safe's floor like some products.

The U.S. Navy trusts CorrosionX to protect its most advanced warships and delicate components such as the circuitry contained in the most sophisticated fighter jets. Hunters can trust it to store valued firearms in the offseason. The FTFC will make removing fouling a breeze.

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