CorrosionX to restore and protect corroded circuit boards

CorrosionX to restore and protect corroded circuit boards
Bill from Backporch Broadcast asks, "I have circuit boards that have corrosion from capacitors leaking the electrolytic fluid on the boards. It is very similar to battery acid damage but not as severe. Do you make something that specializes as a cleaner for this type situation? It seems that the CorrosionX works well as an inhibitor... but not certain as a cleaner."
Hi Bill,
Thanks for your question! Long story short, yes CorrosionX is terrific in this application. The key is treating the corrosion before it has a chance to eat through a circuit path. Once that happens, you will have to repair or replace the board.
The more complete answer is that CorrosionX has absolutely no interest in corrosion per se. However, it is very keen on bonding to the unoxidized metal that is under the corrosion. We call that chemistry "Polar Bonding". So once CorrosionX is sprayed on, it penetrates rust or corrosion to bond with the clean metal underneath. All the CorrosionX molecules pack in there so that the corrosion is separated from the clean metal surface by the Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) that CorrosionX forms. At that point, you should be able to just wipe off the corrosion with a paper towel or similar. You might want to give it a quick scrub with an old soft toothbrush to get the "exfoliated" corrosion out of the nooks and crannies.
So although CorrosionX is not a "rust remover" per se and contains no V.O.C. (harmful solvents), it provides the same function, only it works a little slower, but is much more thorough. Plus, rather than basically priming the surface to oxidize again like solvents do, CorrosionX prevents corrosion from returning.
Hopefully I did an adequate job explaining some fairly complex chemistry. You will really appreciated CorrosionX in this application!
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Arthur Pakia @ Tue, Dec 06, 22

Solution for clean up corrusion circuit which causes from leaked acid SMD capacitor

Thor Julson @ Tue, Dec 06, 22

What specific product do you recommend for removing corrosion from PCBs?

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