Using CorrosionX on firearm polymer components

Using CorrosionX on firearm polymer components

Can I use CorrosionX for cleaning gun`s polymer? Will it damage the polymer firearm components?

CorrosionX will make the polymer shiny, but it won’t really clean it.

Many CLPs contain a lot of solvent. Solvent is required in conventional gun oil cleaner/lubricant/protectant products to perform the cleaning and water displacing functions. Otherwise, solvents are largely detrimental to those formulas because they dilute the lubricating and protective ingredients of those formulas, and once the solvent(s) evaporate (which is a pollutant and not good for you to breathe), the formulas are compromised. That is why conventional gun oils work pretty well for a few days as a corrosion inhibitor, and then they rapidly fail – especially when compared to CorrosionX.

CorrosionX’s outstanding capability as a cleaner on metal is due to its proprietary Polar Bonding technology. Because CorrosionX is drawn to metal like a magnet, it penetrates through fouling, surface rust, etc. to bond to the metal surface. When that happens, all those contaminants are lifted off the metal surface and can easily be wiped off. Because of this, CorrosionX can be a low solvent / zero VOC (volatile organic content) product, which is part of the reason it works better on metal, lasts longer and has a minimal impact on the environment. It’s just plain better chemistry across the board.

CorrosionX as absolutely no effect on gun polymer (detrimental or otherwise) other than making it shinier.

I hope that not only answers your question, but also gives you a little bit better insight on how the product works.

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Randy @ Mon, Dec 14, 20

I have a colt government 1911 thats nickel plated…is corrosion x safe for nickel plating ?

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