CorrosionX® Sprint Car to Debut May 28th at Devils Bowl Speedway

CorrosionX® Sprint Car to Debut May 28th at Devils Bowl Speedway

Corrosion Technologies named primary sponsor
of Stevens Racing’s CorrosionX sprint cars


Dallas (May 26, 2022) – Corrosion Technologies is excited to announce a new partnership with Stevens Racing and dirt track driver Dalton Stevens as he prepares to compete in the Xtreme Outlaw Series, Indiana Sprint Week and other regional shows.

“Dalton is an up-and-coming driver who we believe will be a great ambassador for both our company and the CorrosionX brand,” said Corrosion Technologies President Anthony Iannarelli. “The Corrosion Technologies family of products, and particularly the CorrosionX line of corrosion inhibitors, lubricants and penetrants, is all about our mission of ‘Preserving the things you love’.”

For more than two decades, CorrosionX products have been specified for protecting equipment in many of the world’s most challenging environments, including the U.S. military, aerospace, mining, marine, agriculture, firearms and fishing ­– just to name a few. Within dirt track racing, CorrosionX’s unique Polar Bonding technology offers teams a huge advantage in any lubrication, anti-seize or corrosion prevention application.

“The collaboration with Stevens Racing will provide many opportunities to showcase our products in one of the most grueling environments imaginable – dirt track racing – and help us grow beyond our existing customer base,” said Iannarelli. “At the same time, we are certain that CorrosionX products will give Stevens Racing a competitive advantage within their maintenance program that will translate to the track. We are pumped to work with Dalton and his team on this partnership.”

Molecularly bonding to metals and metal alloys, CorrosionX products cannot be displaced by moisture (i.e. does not wash off) or friction, and will prohibit dirt and mud from adhering to treated parts. Once CorrosionX bonds to metal, the metal is highly resistant to oxidation, so it is perfect for keeping the radius rod heims and shock heims from rusting, in addition to providing long-lasting lubrication to linkages on the injection stacks of throttles. It is also fantastic for offseason storage of headers and other parts to keep rust from forming, as well as for weekly cleaning. In addition, CorrosionX Grease provides superior wear and corrosion resistance for bearings, birdcages, torsion bars and torque ball housings. CorrosionX products are highly dielectric, are safe on electronics, and can be efficiently applied with the Handi-Spray™ application systems also manufactured by Corrosion Technologies.

Dalton Stevens has been competing in dirt oval racing since he was ten years old. He won his home track championship at Devils Bowl Speedway in 2016. In the first seven events of 2022, Stevens has already placed in the Top 5 four times – two of which were wins. Stevens sees it fitting to debut the new CorrosionX branded sprint car this coming weekend at Devils Bowl Speedway.


“I am very excited to have CorrosionX join our racing team and family,” said Stevens. “The past few years we have spent a lot of time and effort to improve our race program and our results have shown that. With good results, we are able to bring awesome people that are part of a company like Corrosion Technologies onboard our program. This collaboration will allow us to continue to elevate our program to the next level as well as raise our high standard of product care and maintenance using CorrosionX products.  I cannot wait to compete against the best drivers from around the country, and park one of our cars in victory lane to celebrate this joint adventure!”


U.S. Corrosion Technologies

Corrosion Technologies manufactures and distributes some of the most innovative and effective protective chemical products in the world. The company was formed in Dallas, TX, in February 1988 to commercialize an anti-corrosion invention for the aviation industry. In time, that invention developed into the CorrosionX® line of corrosion prevention and lubrication products.

In recent years, the company has greatly expanded operations to manufacture a complete line of anti-corrosion, cleaning and maintenance, and other specialty chemical products and application equipment for military, aviation and aerospace, marine, automotive and RV, industrial, agricultural, soil stabilization and dust suppression, sporting goods, R/C, firearms, fishing and home improvement uses. The brand names associated with these products include CorrosionX, RejeX®, ReelX®, SpeedX® and Ground Glue™.

Leading edge technology, commitment to quality and a no-nonsense, money-back guarantee have established Corrosion Technologies’ products with a sterling reputation around the globe. Continual product stewardship, as well as the development of significant new technologies and chemical products reflect the company's commitment to Preserving the things you love.

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