Which CorrosionX application method is best for maintaining boat tools?

Which CorrosionX application method is best for maintaining boat tools?

A customer on Amazon asked, "Do I want the CorrosionX trigger spray bottle or the aerosol can to apply this product to the tools living aboard my boat?"

This is a great question, and if you ask 1,000 boat owners, you'll get a strong contingent in each faction!

In my personal opinion as a saltwater boat owner, CorrosionX aerosol and the CorrosionX trigger spray would work equally well for applying to the tools on your boat. The advantage to the aerosol is that it sprays like a spray paint can, so that you get more even coverage. So that certainly works better if, for example, you were spraying something large like an inboard engine or the powerhead on an outboard motor.

Spray CorrosionX on a boat engine

The advantages of the trigger spray are that since it doesn't contain propellant, it is nonflammable and it is also easier to control if you’re wanting to just put a few drops on a tool. The disadvantage to the trigger sprayer is that because CorrosionX is more viscous than most liquids that are normally sprayed from a trigger, you never get a true "spray" – it only streams regardless of whether you select the stream or spray setting on the trigger.

The “trick” I use for taking care of my tools, is to spray CorrosionX (either aerosol or trigger spray) on a shop rag, and then I use that rag to wipe down my tools whenever I’m done using them. Before I put my tools away, I fold up the rag, put it in a plastic Ziploc bag, and throw it in my tool box. That way my pre-treated CorrosionX rag is ready to go the next time I need to use a tool, and all my tools stay pristine despite living in a saltwater environment. Because CorrosionX is extremely mild (containing ZERO VOCs and very little solvent), my CorrosionX application rag lasts for years.

You can also repurpose those CorrosionX saturated rags for dozens of other uses on a boat – especially on a saltwater boat. Use them to wipe down cleats, stanchions and other deck hardware, door latches and hinges, faucets, shower heads, light fixtures and other stainless steel hardware below that's not supposed to corrode. The CorrosionX saturated rag will quickly become your favorite "tool" for maintaining your boat in pristine condition.

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