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You spoke. We listened!

For years, customers have asked us to develop a grease product that works like CorrosionX. No easy task.

Well, the wait is over! CorrosionX Grease is an extreme performance NLGI II grease chock full of CorrosionX's Polar Bonding technology. Ideal for marine, industrial and mission critical applications in the toughest environments.

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new CorrosionXCorrosionX is the flagship product of a line of marine, industrial, aviation, automotive, concrete, asphalt and household maintenance, protection and cleaning products manufactured or distributed by Corrosion Technologies Corp. of Dallas, Texas.


It is also among the best – if not the best – lubricating and penetrating oils on the market at any price.

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Developed in response to the U.S. military's need for a high tech, dirt and stain repelling coating to protect paint from the ravages of harsh chemicals and jet exhaust, RejeX provides incomparable protection and shine for vehicles of all kinds including: cars and trucks, boats, yachts, military and commercial ships, airplanes and helicopters, motorcycles, RVs, busses, tractors and industrial vehicles.

RejeX's unique protective and stain-repelling properties make it popular for dozens of other uses as well, including protecting varnished or painted wood and as a protective sealant for stone counters, shower stalls and glass windows and doors.

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Industrial Products

Using the same research and development methodology as the CorrosionX products, Corrosion Technologies has developed a complete line of leading edge materials to clean and maintain aviation, marine, automotive, industrial, concrete and asphalt equipment.

All products were developed with an eye toward providing top performance from environmentally responsible formulations. Our cleaners, degreasers and coatings were developed not merely to clean, but to also protect equipment from corrosion and the environment in which they operate.

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