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BarnacleX scale and marine growth dissolver
1 gallon 5 gallon 55 gallon
    1 gallon 5 gallon 55 gallon
      BARNACLEX is the only biofouling dissolver / remover whose chemistry targets the complete range of issues associated with both fouling organisms and the dissolved minerals contained in fresh, brackish and seawater. BARNACLE-X not only dissolves calcium- and silicone dioxide-based shells and exoskeletons, it also breaks down mineral accumulations and the bio-adhesives secreted by barnacles, mussels and limpets, so that those organisms can be more quickly and easily removed from vessel hulls and running gear. 
      • For use on both freshwater and saltwater systems and hulls
      • Dissolves the calcium and silicone dioxide shells and exoskeletons of macrofouling organisms such as barnacles, mussels, limpets and coral, as well as microfouling organisms such as bacteria and algae that accumulate on heat exchanger surfaces.
      • Contains the natural release agent for the bio-adhesives secreted by barnacles and mussels.
      • Reduces corrosion caused by restricted flow, the anodic condition created by decreased oxygen below the fouling layer, and the metabolic by-products of bacteria.
      • Safe on bronze, copper, gelcoat and marine paints when used as directed


      • The Best Value: Dilutes up to 5:1 with water
      • Dissolves calcium- and silicone-based shells and exoskeletons
      • Targets the bio-adhesives that barnacles and mussels use
        to attach
      • Dissolves algae, coralline and mineral scale


      • Cleaning heat exchangers on water-cooled engines
      • Cleaning heat exchangers on marine air conditioners
      • Clearing restricted pipework and valves
      • Removing macrofouling (ex: barnacles, mussels and limpets) and other hard fouling from boat and ship hulls and running gear
        Tech Sheet | Safety Data Sheet
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