5 Star Stain Remover

5 Star Stain Remover was formulated to be a powerful, easy-to-use carpet and cloth stain remover. It's the quick and easy solution for removing grease, oil and ground-in dirt.
  • May be used on all types of carpet
  • Excellent for pre-treating stains prior to carpet shampooing
  • Add to your existing carpet shampoo to boost cleaning power
  • Environmentally responsible and biodegradeable


Spray or stream 5 Star Stain Remover directly onto carpet for spot cleaning.

May be mixed 1 part 5 Star Stain Remover with 20 parts carpet shampoo to enhance the cleaning ability of the shampoo.

Saturate area to be cleaned, then agitate with a soft bristle brush or cotton towell.

Make sure excess 5 Star Stain Remover is blottod dry.

Stay off the carpet until area is dry.

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  Great for cars, RVs, boats and aircraft  
  Will not harm plastic  
  Will not harm decorative finishes such as brass, copper, aluminum and chrome  



5 Star Stain Remover SDS

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