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Concrete Industry

Corrosion Technologies wrote the book when it comes to controlling rust and corrosion. We have taken than same leading edge approach and applied it not only to the removal of rust, but to the removal of dried concrete as well.

Complete line of materials to clean and maintain concrete equipment, including:
  • Steel Forms
  • Paving Equipment
  • Screeds
  • Scaffolding
  • Small Hardware
  • Ready Mix Trucks
  • Concrete Saws
  • Concrete Implements and more

Backed by an industry leading "No Ifs, Ands or Buts!" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Corrosion Technologies warrants their concrete products to perform to your complete satisfaction.

Sand Blast concrete remover\
  Apply Sand Blast, and in about 15 minutes concrete is converted into a sand-like substance for safe and easy removal from Ready Mix trucks and other concrete equipment. This revolutionary product contains no harsh acids and does not give off fumes. Unlike traditional acid-based concrete removers, Sand Blast will not harm paint, rubber or plastic and it will not cause metal to rust. This is the safest and gentlest concrete remover in the industry. Safe on aluminum.
slow | Removes: 1/8" | Safe: safe
Blast Off concrete remover
  Blast Off works quickly like an acid to remove dried concrete, but it does so without many of the drawbacks associated with acid-based products. Unlike traditional acid-based products, Blast Off will not harm paint, rubber or plastic, and it does not give off harmful fumes. It's much gentler on your drivers too! Also effective for removing rust.
fast | Removes: 1/8" | Safe: mild
Powerhouse 50
  Powerhouse 50 is an acid blend, which gives you the instant cleaning power of an acid without excessive smoke or fumes. Safe on iron, steel, plastic, rubber and vinyl, Powerhouse 50 is our most popular concrete remover for its balance between concentrated cleaning power and its safety and mildness when compared to traditional acidic concrete remover.
Speed: faster | Removes: 1/8" | Safe: med
  For the toughest jobs, Knockout 100 is the most powerful technology developed for the removal of concrete. Although it is safe on most common materials such as iron, steel, plastic, rubber and vinyl, Knockout 100 quickly eats through thicker accumulations of dried concrete.
Speed: fastest | Removes: 3/16" | Safe: strong


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